About Us

Ovizy is a web and mobile app development company in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ovizy was established in 2018 with the main goal to help people improving their activities and business by delivering expected IT Solution. We are focusing in web design and development such as Information System, CMS, E-commerce, E-goverment, Media Portal and Business Profile. We also do mobile design & development in Android and ioS Platform. Ovizy consists of experienced talents in IT product development and we are dedicated towards good design and best deliverable.

Experience design at Scale

Designing for the company at scale requires due diligence of people, practice, process and mindset. It is a continuous, but rewarding journey in the pursuit of excellence in how we work and deliver meaningful outcomes – consistently, repeatedly and at the right time.

Understand your user experience

User experience design is the application of a range of suitable methods chosen to fit a specific audience, problem space or business structure. Ask questions, try new ideas and use different perspectives.

remain responsive across devices

Responsive design needs to be more than converting a desktop site into a mobile screen. We need to consider the user’s experience, their interaction and the essential content they’re actually looking for while using a mobile device.

Meet Our Team

We’re Ovizy team who constantly questions, thinkers, and challenges to unlock great creativity around every turn  to make client satisfaction by building a good Web Apps and Mobile Apps